Paula Aragone, CEO/Founder of Aragone & Associates, Real Estate All-Star 2023

In a distinguished acknowledgment of her outstanding contributions to the real estate industry, Paula Aragone, the CEO and Founder of Aragone & Associates, has been recognized as a Real Estate All-Star for 2023 by Orange Coast Magazine. With over two decades of experience, Paula has become a symbol of expertise, blending innovative marketing strategies, negotiation prowess, unwavering integrity, and a passion for her craft.

Specializing in coastal communities spanning from San Clemente to Huntington Beach and inland to Yorba Linda, Paula’s strategically located offices in Newport and Yorba Linda cater to clients throughout Orange County. Aragone & Associates, positioned in the top 1% of agents nationwide, is synonymous with excellence, boasting an impressive track record of over 850 successful transactions and a sales volume exceeding $700 million.

The firm’s expertise extends to diverse areas, including probates, trusts, and investments. Leveraging seamless collaboration with legal and financial experts, Aragone & Associates navigates intricate real estate transactions with finesse, ensuring unparalleled service to their clients.

Paula’s unique advantage lies in her legal background, having spent four years in Law School in her native country. This distinct expertise gives her a valuable edge in comprehending complex real estate contracts, particularly benefiting high-net-worth clients with discerning standards.

Aragone & Associates redefines the real estate experience through a steadfast commitment to luxury customer service, market expertise, and delivering extraordinary results. The team, comprising Certified Luxury Specialists, Certified Probate & Trust Specialists, Certified Relocation Specialists, and Certified Senior Residential Specialists, ensures that clients receive unparalleled professionalism.

Under Paula Aragone’s leadership, Aragone & Associates transcends being just a real estate agency; it stands as a beacon of excellence, setting new industry standards.

For an in-depth look at Paula’s journey and the remarkable achievements of Aragone & Associates, we invite you to read the full article on Orange Coast Magazine’s website here. Join us in celebrating Paula Aragone’s well-deserved recognition as a Real Estate All-Star for 2023.