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Commercial real estate investments

Investing in commercial real estate can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. Investors should be sure to understand the different types of properties, the local market and potential risks associated with investing in commercial real estate before investing. Additionally, investors should understand the legalities of owning and operating a commercial property.

Multifamily properties

When listed as commercial, these properties include four or more units for living and can range from an apartment or duplex to a condominium or townhouse.

Office properties

This could be a single property for one tenant that is not meant for living, an office building designed to hold multiple tenants, or even a skyscraper.

Retail spaces

These could include something as large as a strip mall or something smaller and freestanding like a gas station or restaurant.

Land property type

Vacant land can be used to develop commercial or residential real estate or as farmland, ranches, or natural resources, including air rights, minerals, or water. It can also be left undeveloped for recreational or conservation purposes. In some cases, vacant land may be used to construct public works, such as roads, parks, or other infrastructure. Vacant land can be purchased from the government, private entities, or both.


Brownfield is land that was previously developed that must be cleaned up before it can be used again. Even if the land is vacant, there are special requirements for investigating land that previously had buildings.


Greenfield is land that was not previously developed for use. It is considered the easiest to develop and is often used for agricultural purposes.

Commercial Deals we have been a part of

<span class="d-block">Represented Seller & Buyer</span>Chase Bank - Tucson, AZ
Sold Price: $2,545,000Cap Rate: 3.80%, Absolute NNN Retail

Represented Seller & BuyerChase Bank - Tucson, AZ

<span class="d-block">Represented Seller</span>Chase Bank - Columbus, OH
Sold Price $3,100,000Cap Rate: 3.80%, Absolute NNN

Represented SellerChase Bank - Columbus, OH

<span class="d-block">Represented Seller</span>Chase Bank - Stanhope, NJ
Sold Price: $2,150,000Cap Rate: 4.42%, Absolute NNN

Represented SellerChase Bank - Stanhope, NJ

<span class="d-block">Represented Buyer in 1031 Exchange</span>Taco Bell - Titfon, GA
Sold Price: $2,425,000Cap Rate: 4.95%, Absolute NNN

Represented Buyer in 1031 ExchangeTaco Bell - Titfon, GA

<span class="d-block">Represented Buyer in 1031 Exchange</span>McDonald’s - Carrollton, GA
Sold Price: $2,250,000Cap Rate: 4.04%, Absolute NNN

Represented Buyer in 1031 ExchangeMcDonald’s - Carrollton, GA

<span class="d-block">Represented Seller</span>Hungtington Bank - Fenton, MI
Sold Price: $1,395,000Cap Rate: 6.52%, Absolute NNN

Represented SellerHungtington Bank - Fenton, MI

<span class="d-block">Represented Seller & Buyer</span>Fresenius Medical Care - Albany, OR
Sold Price: $9,240,000Cap Rate: 5.60%, NN Lease

Represented Seller & BuyerFresenius Medical Care - Albany, OR

<span class="d-block">Represented Buyer in 1031 Exchange</span>PetSuites - Columbus, OH
Sold Price: $4,650,000Cap rate: 6.00%, Absolute NNN

Represented Buyer in 1031 ExchangePetSuites - Columbus, OH

<span class="d-block">Represented Buyer in 1031 Exchange</span>Guidepost Montessori - Waldorf, MD
Sold Price: $4,946,086Cap Rate 7.00%, Absolute NNN

Represented Buyer in 1031 ExchangeGuidepost Montessori - Waldorf, MD

<span class="d-block">Represented Seller</span>Industrial - Palm Springs, CA
Sold Price: $695,000Vacant at Time of Sale

Represented SellerIndustrial - Palm Springs, CA

<span class="d-block">Represented Seller</span>Chase Bank - East Northport, NY
Sold Price: $7,500,000Cap Rate: 6.33%, Absolute NNN Lease

Represented SellerChase Bank - East Northport, NY

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