Trust. It’s a word with multi-faceted meanings when it comes to Paula Aragone. An acclaimed real estate professional and the Founder of Aragone & Associates at First Team, Paula brings more than 18 years of experience, combined with a high level of negotiating skills, marketing innovation, integrity, and passion to each client relationship. Paula has solidifed her reputation throughout Southern California for being a trusted advisor to her extensive clientele – ranging from frst-time homebuyers and relocation clients to sophisticated sellers.

“My business approach has always been the same, we frst have an extensive and detailed private consultation so we can listen and understand your specifc needs and goals, then we develop a plan that will be executed to ensure we will meet or exceed your expectations, even in the most complex deals. We have developed an incredible team of experts in diferent felds so we can provide a higher level of concierge services to our clients.”

On the topic of trust, Paula is not only trustworthy, she is also highly skilled in using her law background to navigate the complexities of high profle divorces, probates, trusts and conservatorships, collaborating with attorneys, trustees, and fnancial advisors to achieve optimal results for her clients. An avid athlete who enjoys staying active with her family and giving back to her community, Paula displays an unwavering commitment to putting the needs of others frst.

It’s her passion for her profession that drives her to excel, coupled with the genuine joy she has in helping clients achieve their fnancial dreams. Her colleagues and friends often comment that even after a 12-hour day, her enthusiasm and her smile remain vibrant. In many ways, it’s the secret to her success.

“I truly believe that if you love what you do then you will succeed.”